Kenji-do is a practical system that teaches how to prevent, deal all kinds of violence and attacks.

Grandmaster Kenji-Maeda 1935-2011.

He began his karate training in 1942, at this time he already had experience in kendo,
boxe , aikido and judo, gaining his 3nd dan in judo in 1948. At the age of 15, after meeting with Gichin Funakoshi, Sensei Maeda was taken on as a student at the Shotokan dojo. During his time at the Shotokan, Sensei Maeda was taught by many different instructors, including Yoshitaka Funakoshi.

 In 1960, Sensei Maeda gained Godan (5st dan) in karate-do and then in 1962, Nanadan (7rd dan). At this time he was captain of the karate team at Senshu university, were he later graduated in march 1964 with a degree in economic science.

 Sensei Maeda had always wanted to be a professional Karate teacher, so to achieve this goal he joined the JKA (Japanese Karate Assosiation). In 1972, he left Japan to teach and lorn in countries all around the world. These included South Africa, the USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and in 1970, France. Where he settled permanently in Paris.

 In 1973, Sensei Maeda  decided to closed his Paris dojo to resume travelling around the world to teach the new and secret form of self defense ,  the Kenji-do ...